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I endorse this lawyer. Ms. Ameen is the best advocate that a client could have in the courtroom. She fights hard for her clients and sees excellent results for her clients. I highly recommend Ms. Ameen.

Dana Fleming Allen

Superb Attorney in Atlanta

Great attorney…referred to me by a friend and I was satisfied. Ms. Ameen knows her stuff, is straightforward and highly recommended by myself and my associates.


Got my armed robbery + agg assault + possession of fire commission of felony and carrying firearm without licenses charge dismissed.

I was in my own parking garage, I see some dude with a gun, (random dude, never seen him a day in life) He starts rushing toward me. I black out. I wake up the next day in Fulton County Jail with a yellow citation in my hand, charged with Armed Robbery + agg assult + 2 other counts in prison attire (the blue jump suit) AND 5 broken factual bones.

Then I get indicted. All within 5 days.

Here comes Ameen to the rescue, she got me
bond in 22 days, then she got the case dismissed.
Now I’m suing, Holla

Total time in Jail – 27 Days

I still don’t know how she did it. DA talking about he wanted me to do 5 years but serve 1, then switched it up talking about I just PAY SOME MORE MONEY, and get it expunged and do a program.

I don’t know, she had like 2 tangible ways to bring this entire fiasco to an end. The women had a Plan A and Plan B. She probably had a Plan C and D too.